I've made a SSB compiler application for Mac OS X

08 Dec 2009

Its only a dedicated browser, but it means your compiling can have its own window, and I can add little tweaks (like having your compiled code downloaded directly to your mbed).

Download it here and let me know of any suggestions for improving it!

08 Dec 2009

Cool! Screenshots for those of us without macs, please.

08 Dec 2009

There's not so much to look at - it really is just a site specific browser! Here you go tho:

As the picture tells, there is a weird bug where non-character keys will insert their ASCII characters into the editor (ie, right arrow will create a 'character undisplayable' square) - its a bit of a showstopper, but I'm working on it!


08 Dec 2009

I like it, very buggy still but this is exactly what we need to move towards, like gmail started as a web based email system there have been many apps created from it to check your email. This is allow way more flexibility with the compler, like the new window, choose to download right to the mbed and now many even overwriting the old bin file. I just have a question can you publish the source so we can make it suite our needs or will that Userscript feature be enough to handle all the customization like picking the drive name and such.

Good Work!

08 Dec 2009

There actually isn't any source! The application is made with Fluid App and I've tweaked the defaults.plist inside the application to reflect our specific requirements, so if you want to change the way it works you just need to play around with the various settings inside the app itself. If you find anything particularly useful then post your ~/Library/Preferences/com.fluidapp.FluidInstance.mbed.plist and I can work your settings into the defaults.

Unfortunately because it was made using Fluid I can't change some of its behaviours (for example I can't overwrite previously downloaded files).

If you have a different drive name you can alter the default download directory in the 'General' section of the preferences.

Thanks for your quick response - I'm glad you like it!