Libraries for offline compiling.-

06 Dec 2009


OK, the basic mbed libraries aren't open source.   Is it possible to download the object code of these libraries, and link them (using a standard compiler) within our own project?

Using the online editor/compiler it's just too painful, at least from this corner of the world...


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FIUBA - Argentina

06 Dec 2009

While possibly not ideal, you can still use GCC to build apps for the mbed.

13 Dec 2009

OK Andrew, I know.

But, what about my question?     Is it possible? (I guess no, since there were no replies...)    Simon?


13 Dec 2009

Hi Sebastian,

Yes, technically you can, though it is not what we're encouraging or supporting.

The headers and the objects (all as a .ar) can be found at

If you do take this route, it'd be good to hear how you get on, maybe a notebook page on what you did and how you did it?


13 Dec 2009

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much. We'll try this and report the results in the notebook.





30 Dec 2009

Hi Chris, Sebastien,

Firstly, thanks to all you guys at Mbed for producing this - in 4 decades of messing with computing I've never gotten useful results out so quickly and painlessly!

Now, on to the offline thing - Sebastien, I, for one, would like to hear about your experiences as there are occasions when (even here in Europe :-) )  I don't have easy access to the internet so a good offline capability would be enormously useful.


Dave Malham

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Engineering for Art's Sake

29 Jan 2010

Hi, all.


I've has a crack at this, and made a little progress using Sourcery G++ Lite. Some of the header files needed changing slightly (to move typedef enums below the enum it refers to), but with a little fiddling getting stuff to compile isn't hard - just link against,, system_LPC17xx.o and startup_LPC17xx.o. The problem seems to be getting a suitable linker script to work with it. I'm using the FreeRTOS script as a starting point but I've had no joy yet.  Am I right in thinking that __Vectors is the vector table that needs to be at address 0?