Power consumption

05 Nov 2011

Hi , My requirement is to run mbed with very low power consumption. Actually it is taking 150mA.I want to reduce this . Is there any way to reduce the current ???

Is there any way to turn off the power to Ethernet block,CAN ,USB block since we are not using them.

05 Nov 2011


I'm sure there are articles around on low power modes, but, outside the box..

Have you seen the new M0 mbed ? It is missing those things that you want to turn off, so the upside is that it can be run incredibly low power.

Might be worth a look.



05 Nov 2011

I might be migrating back to the PIC 18F series for low power projects whereby current consumption of 1 microamp is achievable in 'SLeep' mode.

the new MO mbed has a current consumption of 1 milliamp in sleep mode - still far too much for battery powered projects.

05 Nov 2011


I'm not sure of comparative terminology or details, but might be interesting to look at the power down modes of the lpc11xx series too. These take it in to even lower power modes that I'm guessing are more suited to the kind of application you are thinking of; not quite sure how they compare, but are designed more for sleeping for seconds-days vs sub-second-second power saving.


05 Nov 2011


I was thinking of sleeping for seconds-days,seconds-weeks and even seconds-months- i.e. few seconds/minutes operation and sleeping for a month of Sundays.


05 Nov 2011
07 Nov 2011

I never use an ON/OFF power switch when designing an embedded based project and that is why,so far I use PIC's.A Sleep instruction is executed at the end of the program to put the processor to sleep.then a simple push-to-make switch on the reset line wakes up the PIC when needed.Current consumption of the PIC18F252 in sleep is shown below;


07 Nov 2011

Hi Richard,

Take a look at the datasheet for something like the LPC1114 which is already public, under the deep power-down mode. It seems to be talking the order of a uA for deep-powerdown which is pretty cool and certainly puts it in the same range!


08 Nov 2011

Deep power down mode 220 nA ( 0.22 uA)! I buy that.luverlyjubly.

Now I shall have to increase the shelf life of mi LiPo batterys.!

Cheers, Richard

Goodbye to PIC