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We’re making some changes to the Mbed forums. From 10th December 2019 all new discussions will take place on our new forum site. You can continue to reply to existing threads for the next two weeks. After that we will archive this forum so you can return to useful posts in the future.

If there was a troll on the forum...

31 Jul 2011

would there be any way for me to block all their posts ? or maybe someone could give them a warning, cos I have the feeling the forum is just going to be COMPLETELY trashed.

It's gonna be such a shame if the forum gets completely trashed, as it's surely gonna turn people away from mbed.

just asking if there is at least a sensible way to block posts ? or maybe a way to report posts if someone posts a dodgy image in a subforum for instance ?

31 Jul 2011

You call trolling trying to get humans to learn other humans.. oh my god you have contributed so much to forum, david, shut up and published something. And you can call me MR MOO from now on.

We are not gonna learn nothing by not expressing ourselfs how ever that be..

31 Jul 2011

I too would like the ability to suppress forum posts from my inbox on a per user basis.

31 Jul 2011

I would like the ability to block users as well.

31 Jul 2011

Perhaps , there should be a like / dislike button at the posts . If a post has a ratio of dislike/like more than 10 , it should be examined further and perhaps deleted or the user be banned for a period . On the other half , very popular posts should be given notice in this way .

31 Jul 2011

I would like the ability to ban competing companys.

31 Jul 2011

It is sad to say but it does appear that the mbed forums have gotten to the point that some moderation might be in order. When I first joined, i was amazed at how little negativity there was on this forum. It was really filled with a community of like minded people trying to build prototypes and sharing of help and code. I think the fact that people had to have purchased the mbed device itself to be able to post to the forums helps keep the signal to noise ratio very high but alas the inevitable has happened and the noise has started to increase as it tends to on the Internet.

How much work is it to modify the forum software to support moderation? As the current situation exists, it seems like it is enough that by default all accounts are allowed to post un-moderated but when the need arises, certain accounts are placed in a moderated state.

Just my two cents!

31 Jul 2011

We all have different ways of learning, some of us get more frustrated than others, and express this and are not afraid to ask for help. And I still think others have ulterior Motives ie competition competing companys, jealousy. Some of us are more aware of what is going on around us in this world. Some of us have jobs and tasks to do in this world, and are sometimes put out of their comfort zone.

We are all not built perfect with super high iq's, if so the world would probably be very boring.

Myself I am dyslexic so at the moment I have problems with learning and expressing myself and I vent my frustration in other ways, you just being on the receiving end. But god made me like this for a reason, I don't want your sympathy or sorrow , but you find most that express themself a little different than others, most probably do have some kind of problem.

01 Aug 2011

Man! Every one have problems but have common sense and don't start to "spam" the forum with things like this: do you belive that every one think this is funny? Fun is a very personal taste so please think 10 times before post things here! Here people are serious and are not in a playground ok!

01 Aug 2011

Hi all,

I am very proud of the quality of developers who help make mbed what it is, and the positive and supportive attitudes that it attracts. I certainly don't want to see this eroded, and was something I very much wanted to encourage from the start; things like having to own a board to be on the forums to keep signal to noise high is a very concious decision, well spotted Adam! And the style of the forum being encouraged to be based on well thought out and complete questions that deserve well considered and structured answers, rather than social banter/one liners/one ups. The aim is helping to get stuff done.

(Don't worry. Therz still the whole rest of teh internets 4 scathing opinions, flames and other $h1t. lol.)

I think Philips is right that we have to remember we do all work differently, and have different experience/skills, both technically and socially. It is good to embrace this, and take the position that generally people are well meaning! Philips; in this case however, it is probably now clear some of your posting behaviour is not appropriate. Whatever your opinion on the appropriateness of your behaviour, you have to consider the opinions of others and change it appropriately.

Some of my earliest memories with the mbed forums were in reacting to the standard badly-formed questions you can expect where you think "this guy hasn't got a hope". But rather than the seemingly techy default of identifying the faults in the question (and likely spiralling off in to esoteric discussion of the exposed corner cases by some forum heavy weights), I tried answering what I thought the question might be, or offering a few answer options depending on probable questions (but still thinking "this guy hasn't got a hope"!).

What surprised me was how often I was wrong, and after a couple of rounds the problem was indeed solved. And we both learned something about asking and answering questions.

I'd like to see this behaviour only get better and more reinforced, and it is very reassuring to hear voices speak up when things go against this. I think there is an action on us to see what we can do to help add tools to the website to give a little more control (moderation, filtering, etc) and behaviour enhancers (thumbs up, recognised gurus, etc).

The best tool is still probably common sense, and helping other members develop their technical and social skills through positive support and assistance. I hope that this is the dominant force over any forum features we could ever add.

Have fun, but help get stuff done!


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