Brace matching in editor

20 May 2011

I'm sure there's a huge list of feature requests for the editor AJAX code but having brace (bracket) matching of some form would be really useful.... must of course handle commented out lines which a lot trip up on.

In my journey into longer C++ programs if these get mismatched I find this one of the hardest things to resolve.


20 May 2011

+1 for this, really useful feature

20 May 2011

Hi Kevin,

Consider this feature requested! I've added it to

20 May 2011

I agree.. but I must say the format button does help when you are trying to work out what's unmatched. As your if statements and while loops become easy to pair.

13 Jul 2011

Can we have an option to align the opening brace vertically with the closing brace, And not one the same line as if statement please.



14 Jul 2011

Another good practice is to comment the closing braces with the name of the loop or function:

for (t=0; t<10; t++){
    ... lots of code
} // for t

then if you add code in between, the comment will shift down with it making it easier to trace.


29 Aug 2015

+1 for brace matchig! if code folding could be added that would be cool!

I see that brace matching is scheduled, but when will this be implemented?