WiFly RN-171 Wifi Module

04 May 2011


Has anyone had any experience with the Roving Networks RN-171 WiFi module?

And does anyone have an interest in using it? Wondering if this might be a good project to organise getting a library written somehow.


04 May 2011

Hi Simon,

I purchased one a while ago but have yet to hook it up to my mbed. I think there is definite interest in it.

I may have to have a play at the weekend :-)


04 May 2011


I have a WiFly RN-131C on a breakout board:


04 May 2011


let us know how it goes; I have the same module, and when I tried it I had some problems. It looked like the module kept resetting, and I was wondering if its current draw was too high for the mbed module's voltage regulator. The data sheet says it can draw up to 210mA @ 3.3V in transmit mode; Simon, can the mbed handle that?

(EDIT: This was while mbed was powered from USB)


04 May 2011

I just remembered.

I did hook it up but had issues. I used the mbed as a serial pass through and just controlled the wifly from my PC.

As I recall I could scan for networks and connect but there was an issue when connecting WEP and WPA passworded networks. It would only work if I removed the security.

I will try using my desk PSU to power it to make sure it has enough current and try it on the new wireless router i have now (I was using a BT home hub before.....yuck)

27 Sep 2011

Hi, I am new to mbed .. I have done a simple proof of concept , for Controling RC car using iphone ..i am using WiFly RN-131C and mbed ..we have done successfully for basic controls ..Now we are doing our own iphone app and we need to improve in mbed coding also, soon i will publish my code here ... check it out this video now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNhDlABnoeo