mbed on EA Baseboard: ethernet does not work

28 Apr 2011

Hello, Running the ethernet sample EasyWebCR on MBED with Embedded Artists Baseboard Rev A will not connect. In fact, experiments indicate that the program goes to the ether following the call to TCPLowLevelInit.

This same baseboard runs the Xpresso 1769 & the equivalent EasyWeb program. Other mbed/non-network programs seem to run.

The same IP address are used in both. Also tried several cables (one marked Crossover) with no luck. (I understand that the Xpresso LPC1769 has auto detect and mbed does not).

On the Baseboard, all of the option jumpers are set to the default/factory positions except J54 - both are left open.

Can anyone advise me as to how next to proceed, or to look?


29 Apr 2011

Thanks to the folks at Embedded Artists, I was able to run their version of OLED_WEB_XPR_BB. This proved that the basic network and installation is Ok.

However, the EasyWebCR does NOT work, and as stated earlier, it hangs the system during the TCPLowLevelInit.

This program example is not strictly needed, but I would like to know the reason for it's failure to run.

Any ideas?