USB Driver Serial for fourth serial in MBED

28 Apr 2011

Somebody use the USB interface of MBED pin 31 (D+) and 32 (D-) to link a device USB with emulate a serial (SPARKFUN DEV-08245 Nike+iPod Serial to USB Adapter) because my 3 others interface are used by others device

thank for your help.

28 Apr 2011

I assume you want to use the LPC1768's USB. Then you will need to implement USB CDC. so far, I don't think this has been made available, Even though it is a reasonable simple implementation. I know Code red compiler has it, but not MBED :'(

As with basic hid device. Unfortunately, I have not got Either to work.



02 May 2011

You can use an SPI to UART device like the Max3100 if you need more UARTS. I currently have a breakout board on order which I made for myself, happy to share if you are interested.


02 May 2011

and if you use a MAX3100 I have published a simple library that makes one or more MAX3100 devices appear just like a standard Mbed Serial object.

Import libraryMAX3100

MAX3100, an external serial device to add additional serial ports via SPI