NXP LPC18XX Particularly LPC1857

24 Mar 2011

Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone was interested in this.

NXP are releasing towards the end of this year the LPC1857.

Its got an ARM Cortex-M3 core running upto 150MHz, build in LCD Controller with a DMA interface to an External Memory Controller.

Just curious if MBED intend of making a new version using this device.

Information still seems pretty scarce, there is a datasheet but its only a draft and lots of bits missing.

There isn't a user manual that I can find so far.

But this thing is packed full of features.

It should be released in a couple of TQFP packages one of which being TQFP-208.

Its just seemed to be so powerful and full of features thought it would be a good idea to make an MBED version of it.

24 Mar 2011

LPC1857 doesn't really interest me, but the other unreleased chips do, I'd rather see a mbed that has the SD/MMC interface, which would allow for some seriously high speed applications that involve SD cards.

28 Mar 2011

Does the MBed not use SD/MMC cards through the SPI interface, or have I got that wrong?

29 Mar 2011

-deleted- wrote:

Does the MBed not use SD/MMC cards through the SPI interface, or have I got that wrong?

It does, but I'd like to see true high speed 4 bit access instead of SPI

04 Sep 2012


i agree, id been keen for a higher end processor with an LCD controller and DMA support.

04 Sep 2012

I think that this might be viewed as too smaller an upgrade to be worth really making a whole new board for it, it takes a lot of work! In terms of more power, I'd expect an M4 mbed would be more likely, as there starts to be little point getting a 1.5x speed upgrade when the device could have a load of floating point etc added. LCD interfaces are pretty specific to applications, and would be a pain to mbed-ise (hence why there arn't mbed libraries for things like the timer/counter). SD/MMC interface would be nice, it might be worth just making a SPI/SDMMC bridge, or using a different dev system...