My Android/mbed powered home control system

06 Mar 2011

My share in the forum. mbed + android home control system. This was supposed to be my submission for the recently held contest but I wasn't able to finish the wireless part of the project.

Anyway, the idea is having an Android based application capable of controlling parts of your house (lights, AC, locks, fridge temperature, garage doors, etc). It was originally built using a typical x86 server hardware + arduino but then I decided to condense the x86 hardware and arduino to the more capable embed for handling/serving IP data. I also created a rudimentary short message wireless protocol to exchange command/data between the mbed main server and end peripheral devices (uC controlled lights, locks, sensors, etc). Since the project was originally designed for an x86 home gateway(Linux+Apache+mysql), the communication between the Android application and embed is standard HTTP POST data which makes it fairly easy to extend to more advance commands.

Anyway, heres a list of stuff I used for the project

Microchip EEPROM 24LC256 - storage of peripheral device codes

RFM70 wireless transceiver - mbed to peripheral device communication

typical RJ-45 breakout board

mbed - webserver/home control brain

arduino (as an end device, moving to attiny85 chips(cheaper, smaller) eventually for simple devices)

mbed server

sample peripheral device

the Android application

Im still in the process of migrating the bulky Arduino controller to a smaller attiny85 chip but I have yet to learn to do assembly language programming.

Thanks for looking...

06 Mar 2011

Hi Herson,

I'll be following your work if you intend to port the codes in mbed from arduino controller and if you use the X10 protocol for mains.



06 Mar 2011

Cool project. I have to learn how the Android stuff works one of these days. I wasn't able to enter the competition either. My device is not anywhere near ready to be shown. I think I would have had a really good chance if I was able to show it but oh well. You would have too I think.

07 Mar 2011

I have still a bunch of stuff to implement such as encryption for security purposes. I think I would have to resort to a separate chip to do this as the attiny85 is not a very capable chip. And maybe a better looking breakout board/protoboard (gotta learn to use Eagle for that).

23 Apr 2012


Could you share your Android APP? Did you make it? Did you download it?



24 Apr 2012

How did you make the android app,



25 Apr 2012

I made it myself. I'm currently working on a better table version...

25 Apr 2012

nice got a running mbed domotica with RFM22b myself for couple of years. Including weatherstation and burglar detection. The android functions are missing in my project , so hope you will share it....

26 Apr 2012

The code is very specific to the protocol I implemented on my system so it may not be of use to you