HTTPServerExample: how well does it work for you?

21 Feb 2011

I have recently tried to run the [[/users/donatien/programs/HTTPServerExample/latest|HTTPServerExample], as it comes on top of the mbed Cookbook. But this example does not work for me. I mean, the program shows some parts of a basic HTML, but it takes forever and it eventually hangs, because the LED1 stops blinking.

At this point I want to mention that I'm using correct hardware Ethernet connection (mbed on top of the breakout board from and I'm only using 8.3 file names. My sample website copied to the mbed file system consists of three *.htm files, a few images (*.gif, *.jpg), and a style sheet (*.css). This same website displays correctly with some other lwIP implementation on an ARM Cortex-M3 board (see

My question to the community is how well the HTTPServerExample works for others. I would appreciate any examples of sample websites people are using and screen shots of the served web pages.

My test website is included here: /media/uploads/QL/

This is what I get from the HTTPServerExample: /media/uploads/QL/httpserverexample_shot1.png

And this is what I get from a properly working HTTP server also based on the lwIP stack: /media/uploads/QL/httpserverexample_shot2.png

28 Feb 2011

I have your same results with your test pages. Also I have similar or same problems with the pages I designed. I am trying with html 4 formats to see if it is a html complexity or release problem related to the html editor I used.