Offline compiler

05 Feb 2011

I've just installed the LPCXpresso IDE following instructions given here

The example walkthrough worked first time with no problems.

Although there is a download limit for the LPCXpresso board this is not a problem for the mbed as the compiler has no limit on code size and the .afx file is easily converted to a .bin file for installation on the mbed.


05 Feb 2011

Does this work the other way round:

  • A cheap hardware substitute by putting a LPCXpresso LPC1768 board in a final implementation.
  • A way of getting the mbed version of eLua onto an LPCXpresso LPC1768 board.
06 Feb 2011

Does the mbed use a secondary boot loader - that looks in the flash memory chip, FAT file system? It then validates and boots the youngest file? Yes?

06 Feb 2011

Hi Steve,

The LPC1768 on the mbed is completely bare metal. The file system and boot loading is taken care of by the "mbed interface" on the bottom side of the board.

A better explanation can be found here:

Hope that helps, Chris

06 Feb 2011
06 Feb 2011

Thanks. I've read and generally understand how this works. In an unattended application (no PC connected to USB), but ethernet is connected - - I'm considering if the current strategy of boot the youngest bin file can be robust, for remote firmware updates. I suppose the code for the mbed processor (ARM7) is unavailable for customization. I have a J-link JTAG.