illegal character problem

11 Nov 2009

Hello Simon,

When I was trying th export/import functions, I entered an illegal character (a Chinese character) into the program name accidentally. Now that program becomes an orphan. Every time I try to edit/rename/delete it, it causes an error and re-start the compiler application. Please help me to remove the program named "Servo??". Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


11 Nov 2009

Hi Paul,

I've renamed the program in question to 'Servo'.

The compiler is supposed to prevent the entering of unsupported characters. If you could tell us how you entered the character, that will help us fix this bug.

Many thanks,


11 Nov 2009

Thank you Dan. Great to get "Servo" back.

What I did were

1. Export "Servo" to my local machine as

2. Import from the local machine, and then I accidentally add an unsupported character to the program name. You know what happened after.

Hope this help.

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17 Jan 2010

Hi Dan,

I, too, made a mistake and entered a "_" in the beginning of my program named _RC02. Same problems as described above.

Hoping for a rename to RC02. Thank you very much.