LPC1768 CAN Acceptance Filters

07 Aug 2015

Once the acceptance filters are defined and set during CAN init. What would be the most appropriate way to 'reset' them back to an accept all state? CAN->reset doesn't seem to clear them. Reseting the whole device/power cycling are both not acceptable while in use.

Would it be correct to reset the register locations? I'm not sure this is covering everything I need this way. I would welcome your thoughts here.

CAN register reset

  LPC_CANAF->AFMR = 0x00000001;
  LPC_CANAF->SFF_sa = 0x00;
  LPC_CANAF->SFF_GRP_sa = 0x00;
  LPC_CANAF->EFF_sa  = 0x00;
  LPC_CANAF->EFF_GRP_sa = 0x00;
  LPC_CANAF->ENDofTable = 0x00;

  LPC_CANAF->AFMR = 0x00000000;