How do I interface mbed to external RAM?

30 Nov 2010

How do I interface the mbed to external RAM? Which pins do I need to use and how do I access the RAM using C?

30 Nov 2010

What kind of external RAM?

30 Nov 2010 . Edited: 30 Nov 2010


Do you really mean external RAM ? 

or do you mean storage ?

there are examples of how to use both SDCards and USB sticks on this site,

both in the cookbook, and both with fully worked examples.


01 Dec 2010

I am refering to SRAM or DDR Memory. 

01 Dec 2010

... You probably mean SDRAM instead of SRAM. SRAM is not that hard to implement, SDRAM or DDR is.

To save pins, serial SRAM can be interesting.

01 Dec 2010



ok, the BIG question is.. why do you want to use SRAM or DDR ?

what "job" are you intending for it.

As with most stuff mBed, the reason it's not been done is because no one has come up with a use for it.

There's some high speed stuff going on already, including buffered writes to files and stuff.

I think if you posted more of a "this is what I need it for", you'll get more serious answers.

Personally I have no idea how to get near RAM with an mBed, but I also can't think of any reason why I'd need to.

Why would you need to?




01 Dec 2010


you can use RAM via I2C in an easy way.