Are there any companies that are making motherboards for the mbed ?

23 Nov 2010

99extender pcb


Are there any companies making boards that a 40 pin mbed module can be plugged into ?



23 Nov 2010


23 Nov 2010 . Edited: 23 Nov 2010

I have one of the CoolComponents baseboards. Good stuff.

I'm in So. Calif.- ordered from UK, arrived very quickly despite low cost shipping.

23 Nov 2010

RS Online has also a new one

23 Nov 2010

There was an article in the New York Times recently about hacking Microsoft's Kinect and interfacing it to microprocessors and other hacked devices (e.g. a hacked Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner to act as an ambulatory, "seeing" robot by way of an onboard Kinect).

The article mentions Adafruit: as a parts source. They are in NYC, which is convenient for many people.



25 Nov 2010

Embedded artists boards

there's a few others

BOB 1, 2 and 3 on here