Compiler cut/paste suggestion

22 Nov 2010 . Edited: 22 Nov 2010

Concerning the "copy/paste" functionality of the compiler:

It would be very convenient to have drag-and-drop; but even a simple ^C / ^V sequence to copy and paste files between projects would be helpful.

22 Nov 2010

Hi Hexley,

You should already be able to drag and drop files between folders/projects.

But the idea of being able to copy/paste a "file" is nice; we'll add that to the to-do list. Maybe also drag-and-drop with shift etc for copy rather than move a file.



22 Nov 2010

Hi Simon -

Great. I'll look forward to copy/paste, and to shift+drag.

While you're in there, how about adding the ability to select multiple files for dragging and/or copying?



22 Nov 2010

Hi Simon,

You might also consider being able to copy a whole project so that the old project can form the core of a new project.



16 Jun 2011

This functionality has been added on the current beta.

Thanks for the requests!

16 Jun 2011

1. CNTL-C / CNTL-V copy and paste works well. Thanks.

2. Shift+drag to copy does not seem to be implemented.

3. Copy a whole project works if the project is copied into an existing folder. But it would be nice to be able to copy a project into the root directory. Next release, maybe?

- BTW, the "undo" button does not seem to be aware of these copy operations. Could that be added?

16 Jun 2011

Will look to add 2 as you describe. btw. you can right-drag to get a copy/move menu for the same effect.

3 has an issue of naming, so will think more about that. You can currently right-click and use Save As.. to get the functionality you need.


16 Jun 2011

Simon Ford wrote:

3 has an issue of naming, so will think more about that

How about appending "_copy", as is done currently with "Save As" filenames?