zigbee MRF24J40MA

04 Nov 2010


Did someone already start to work with MRF24J40MA  eigbee interface from Microchip?

in order to port the zigbee librairy on mbed?



05 Nov 2010

Need full ZigBee versus 802.15.4 only?

Also, Digi XBee is simple- UART interface\, 3.3V.


05 Nov 2010

Which zigbee library are you referring to?

The license of Microchip's zigbee stack unfortunately does not allow running it on a non-Microchip processor (even if you use it with a Microchip zigbee transceiver).

05 Nov 2010 . Edited: 05 Nov 2010

Just FYI:

ZigBee is not a synonym for 802.15.4 as 802.3 is not a synomym for TCP/IP.