TCPSocketEvent understanding problems

16 Sep 2010

I'm currently working on a TCP/IP connection between a mbed and PC. The mbed is used as a Client who sends "Hello Server" everytime a button is pressed.

Actually, I'm not that experienced in working with sockets and so there are some things i don't know how to do.

1) What do I have to do with the TCPSocketEvents TCPSOCKET_CONNECTED and TCPSOCKET_ACCEPT?

2) How can i tell the socket to send data when the button is pressed? How can I make the TCPSOCKET_WRITEABLE event occur?

I have published what I've written so far TCPClient.

28 Sep 2010

No one out there who's able to help me?

I made a slightly different version, but still there is no response from my java-coded server running on my PC.

Please take a look at my TCPClient to ensure I made no mistake in the mbed code.

28 Sep 2010

Hi Thomas

Have you taken a look at the source code of classes like HTTPClient?


07 Oct 2010

Hi Thomas,

Have a look at the cookbook page that describes the sockets use:

The meaning of the different events is described here.



24 Dec 2010

Hi Mr. Thomas,


did you get the answer for your problems? I'm having the same trouble. my mbed connect but doesn't send any hello world...