Serial interrupts crashing.

23 Aug 2010

Hi All,

Reading posts on here it appears to be accepted that there's some problem with the serial interrupt crashing the board, mostly to do with clashing TX/RX interrupts.

My problem is that I'm seeing crashing, but I'm not doing any txing at all. I'm just RXing on UARTs 1 & 2 data tx'd at 9600baud, putting them on a queue & writing it do SD.

I'm using what is essentially the SerialBuffered class (2 instances) sending data via a deque to the SDFileSystem. I'm not using any interrupt locks or TXs during the RX.

Anyone seen this before, or got any ideas on how to fix it ??


23 Aug 2010

Would it be possible for you to publish an example piece of code that exhibits this behaviour?