22 Jun 2010

I've been playing around with the EtherNetIf and HTTPServerExample libraries, with some, limited, success. I even managed to get the mbed to tweet on occasions.

Now though it just won't play ball at all with the TwitterExample. I can browse to it as a web server and even send RPC over the web so I know it's doing something right!

The initialise printf I get is:


Setting up...

HW Addr is : 00:02:f7:f0:31:2a.

DHCP Started, waiting for IP...

Connected, IP :

Setup OK
Problem during tweeting, return code 9

Then that's it, sometimes I get a return code 6. Any ideas anyone? I've tried searching for what the codes actually mean but no joy there either. Help really appreciated!

24 Jun 2010

I think this may have been down to high demand on Twitter at the time of testing. I've now adjusted the code in the example so that it attempts 10 tweets 5 seconds apart and then stops.

It also doesn't seem to like the same message being retweeted and this seems to be what error code 7 means. I'm guessing on this though! So if anyone has any real idea about this, please do post a reply!

Thanks in advance