mbed Physical Dimensions

01 Jun 2010

Hi all,

Just a simple question about the dimensions of the mbed board. Having searched the site for details the best I have found is the following:

  • 40-pin DIP package
  • 0.1. pitch, 0.9. pin spacing
  • 44mm x 26mm
I may well be missing something but a 40 pin 0.1" pitch package's length is surely a minimum of 50.8mm, not the 44mm stated? Also, presumably the "0.9. pin spacing" refers to the distance between the pin rows? I'd be grateful if someone could confirm this on a real board (or even better, point me towards a drawing of the mbed)!
Many thanks!

08 Jun 2010


I have measured the dimensions: 54mm x 26mm. Sounds more realistic. But a I haven't found a layout, yet.

08 Jun 2010

Hi Angus,

Good spot, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The PCB is 53.7mm, and the overall length including the slight overhang of the the USB connector is 54.5mm

I'd better go change some documentation!



20 Jun 2011

Hi all, could anyone of you please provide the full dimension details of the mbed as I want to create this in Proteus ISIS. I would appreciate if someone can upload the drawn schematic of mbed.



06 Dec 2011

Hi All, Has anyone actually published the full dimensions yet? I need to fit this into an enclosure with multiple pcb's so complete x,y,z dimensions would be a great help.

It's little things like trying to find these details easily in one place that lets down the fantastic technology and concept of the mBed!

Just found a DesignSparks PCB layout which will help there.

17 Mar 2013

@Saif Malik: Is there a Proteus ISIS model for LPC 1768? If yes please let me know!

Regards, manants