Seriously What am I missing?

29 Apr 2010

Picked up the embed LPC 1768 at the ESC show today. Downloaded the Hello world, the board blinks, but where is  the serial output?  Is the Source code for this binary the same as the example code with pc.printf()?  Is there a driver that is missing?


For instance when I plug in the luminary board two USB enpoints are installed, one is a serial port that you can read ont he terminal emulator, and one is the JTAG.


Can this board be used iwth a regular local Compiler ?


Art Sobel

29 Apr 2010


If you are using Windows, you need to install the mbed Windows Serial Port Driver. Go to the Handbook page, and it is near the bottom of the section mbed Library Interfaces. Download and install the driver directly from the site; don't try downloading it to your local hard drive and then installing it from there.


03 Jun 2010

I have the same problem.  I've installed the Windows Serial Port drive on 3 different computers.  It shows up under ports in the the device manager.  But I get no serial data from the mbed for the "Hello World" program.  All 3 computers run Win XP PRO.  They are all up to date with updates.  I've rebooted all the machines and sill no joy.  What is the problem?



03 Jun 2010

Hi David,

Can you tell us a little bit more about your setup to help track this down.

  • What terminal application are you using on windows (teraterm, hyperterminal, putty, etc? see /handbook/Terminal)
  • Does it think it can see the serial port? (something like teraterm will actually show the mbed serial port as the name)
  • Can you confirm the settings in the terminal app are a baudrate of 9600 (8N1)
  • Does the installer say it installs ok? Sounds like it does if you can see the COM port in device manager
  • Did all the instructions on /handbook/SerialPC make sense/go ok?
Assuming it is comping up in device manager, perhaps you could try a different terminal application?
Hopefully there is no reason why we can't get your serial port up and running. Please report back.


03 Jun 2010

Two things you didn't say could be cuasing problrms.

Like what "Hello World" program are you using?   Many of the examples use the generic title "Hello World" for the title of a demo program and don't send output to a terminal.  For example the led flash demo is named "Hello World" and doesn't send output to a terminal.

Then you also need to open a serial terminal on your PC after you download the program's binay image to Mbed.

Use the followinjg settings for your PC''s serial terminal.

"The Serial Interface defaults to a 9600 baud standard serial connection (8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity), so your host program should be set to the same settings. If you want to communicate at a different standard baud rate, ensure you modify the settings of both the Serial Interface and the Host PC application!"

Then afer setting up,your PC's serial terminal reset MBed.