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Starting a new BLE project

30 Oct 2014

Dear MBED community, I'm looking for a BLE compatible MBED plateform to make a design. Maybe you could help a beginner coming from the arduino world and wanted to go to production using MBED

1- As my project is cost sensitive. Is there somewhere a list on nRF51822 system on modules compatible with mbed and price comparaison?

2- For example imagine I choose this Redbear plateform for my prototype: Then I want to go to production and buy tones of the module they are using MDBT40 directely to manufacturer RAYTAC ,

Will I be able to upload the mbed bootloader using the REDLAB USB ? Then could I get read of the USB to do firmware update Over the air?

Thank you in advance for your answer !

05 Jan 2015

Dear Rosco, I am facing the same problem (Arduino background, stumbling across mbed - new horizons :D ), so did you have any luck with programming the MDBT4o so far? Best, Glycyl

25 Jan 2015

Hi, All,

May you can refer to our uCXpresso.NRF for nRF51822, the uCXpresso.NRF are RTOS C/C++ framework.

Getting Started:


04 Feb 2015

For nRF51822 platform you could use FOTA to minimize PCB and cost:

  • Develop on an nRF51822-DK with full mbed (newer nRF IC than mkit, though I'm still using mkit).
  • For production use FOTA which links wireless so doesn't need mbed IC, can be any nRF51822 PCB (best if have 32KHz crystal).
  • There are some very minimal nRF51822 PCBs available. Careful of:
    • battery drain during firmware upload (no issue if rechargeable product)
    • Bluetooth certification of product: Some modules are already Bluetooth certified which could reduce your cost going to production for products intended for mass market (versus just testing).
  • Note mbed nRF FOTA is still early stages, security needed to block hacking, or at least be able to disable DFU service until it is specifically enabled by user through matching app or button push on device. May not be good if anyone can use nRF MCP to load other firmware, or maybe that is an advantage for your product.
  • Some notes on setup non-mbed PCB with FOTA:

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