mbed webserver + wizfi220 comunication

19 Jun 2014

Hello guys!

I m new here. i have a LPC 1768 and i must create a project using a wifi module called WizFi220 ( http://www.soselectronic.hu/a_info/resource/c/WizFi210-User_Manual_EN_V1.10.pdf ), i got a RC car with 2 big motors (i got a battery car).

The problem is i must control the rc car over wizfi220. i got 3 pins conected to mbed: rx,tx,reset and Vin/Vout. mbed must be the web server and i must connect to him as a client over a router. mbed has a html page and i must control him using 4 buttons in javascript. i don t know how to start. i got problems only on code

how can i send a variable with javascript to mbed to accelerate ? i know is smth with post but i don t know.

thx alot

21 Jun 2014

main problem is

i must send a variable with javascript to mbed to control a motor with pwm.. how i can do that ?

21 Jun 2014

In the traditional engineering approach of "divide and conquer", you reach your goal by implementing different parts of the whole task in separate small sub-projects, then bring them together. The wizfi220 signals seem like a good major dividing point. E.G. - can you get a terminal program on some computer to provide tx and rx in the same voltage levels (and polarity) as the wizfi220? If so, then use that to talk to the mbed first. You can also use that to talk to the wizfi220 (with the tx and rx signals crossed). Adapt an 'echo' program for the mbed to use the same serial port you want for the wifi interface (to get started and prove the connection). Then add the function for the mbed to look at the characters received as different commands to turn LEDs on and off. Next change the program to have the characters set the desired PWM outputs.

Take a similar approach to getting the JavaScript to display buttons, sending a different character for each button, sending characters over wifi, etc. Finally, when the mbed works properly from the terminal and the wifi works properly with the terminal (cross-connected), all that is left is attaching the wifi to the mbed!

29 Jun 2014

thx for advice, this is what i want to do but first of all a want to blink a led over a javascript using httpserver. a got here and example but dosen t work. what is the problem ?



i just wnat to use RPC and control a led via javascript. where should i put .htm file ? in /local?

solved! just some problems with librarys. i found a good one from 2010