Why do I allways have to search for the right libraries?

11 Nov 2012

Hello, I just came over from the Arduino Community and I am wondering about ten different Libraries for "EthernetNetIf.h" and none is working. "PachubeClient.h" I could not find at all. Why don't You post the whole project with the necessary libraries? It is so complicated just to get only one Project work, because I have to search and search and search for each right library.

What is the reason for that?

a frustrated Berry07

11 Nov 2012

It's not perfect but not bad I think. I came over not long ago myself, from mainly BASIC and Asm, hadn't done C/C++ for years and even then wasn't that good with it. So far I have used both ethernetif and the newer ethernetinterface on the Mbed and LPCXpresso (using the mbed compiler). I have interfaced to nimbits, thingspeak , and Pachube (Cosm) with both RESTfull POST's PUT's and over Websockets (on Cosm) without too much hassle even for a C noob. Projects in the cookbook usually do have the necessary libraries I have found.

11 Nov 2012

Hi Andreas,

If you don't mind, could you let me know what program or library you imported which didn't have the correct libraries attached? I ask because in general I think that the program publishing on mbed works quite well now - you are actually prevented from publishng code unless you publish all the libraries it depends on.

I'm also interested in how you found a non working program, to improve how programs/libraries are shown on the site.

Oh, and welcome to mbed!


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