EthernetInterface No such file or directory

27 Sep 2012

Dears, I need a rope. Today I was started a new program compiling the startup supplied mini main() with the blinking led was OK, but when include the EthernetInterface oficial library does not compile. The compiler output pannel show a lot of errors beginning with: cannot open source input file EthernetInterface No such file or directory, and others for rtos.h and cmsis_os.h. Former programs compile OK as usual. Some help will be appreciated. HMarioD

28 Sep 2012

Serious is urgent, I need work with that. I already read the documentation but I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong. I will appreciate if some can give me a solution.

/media/uploads/hmariod/_scaled_screen_shot_2012-09-28_at_8.15.25_am.png /media/uploads/hmariod/screen_shot_2012-09-28_at_8.16.31_am.png

28 Sep 2012

Hi Mario,

The warnings are all relating to the RTOS being missing. The RTOS is required for the Ethernet Interface to compile and operate.

It looks like your program does not have the RTOS imported. You can import the mbed-rtos into your project from here :


Alternatively, you can import one of the "hello world" example programs that programs that is gauranteed to compile and work, such as :


I hope this helps!

Thanks, Chris

28 Sep 2012

Thanks Chris, Some advice about that in the EthernetInterface main page will be useful for people migrating from EthernetNetIF like me. By the way: -With the new library I don't need call the NET::Poll(), that's right? -Could yo tell me how get to get the mac address with this new library?

Thanks one more time.

28 Sep 2012

Hi Mario,

If you have a look at this thread, you can find a solution there. These functions are accessed through the mbed.h library and there is a snippet of code that people have reported to be working by Andy Kirkham.

Let us know how you get on.

28 Sep 2012

Hi Tharshan,



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