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How to send a "Select Application" command to M24SR?

19 Nov 2019

Hello, I`m using M24SR64 to config wifi using I2C on Raspberry Pi.

And now I have a problem that after conmunicating with M24SR64 by I2C, and deselect I2C session, I found the RF session is closed too. I want to use Android App to config NDEF message after deselecting I2C session. I found in the datesheet that "An RF session is taken when M24SR64-Y receives a valid Select Application. " but I didn`t find the "Select Application" command.

Can anybody helps me out?

Thank you very much!

21 Nov 2019


The Select Application command is probably something what you have to select from your Android Application.

Interesting question in this forum because this has nothing to do with Mbed OS.

Regards, Pekka

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