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How to load data to external SPI flash?

10 Nov 2019

Hi, I have a noob question about load data into SPI flash. I'm trying to write an application for nucleo-144 with ethernet that can show http web pages to interact with. My problem is how to store html(and other files) in an external SPI flash. especially when I compile my code and load on the board how can I also load the other files on the SPI flash?I hope I explained myself. Thanks for any suggestions.

11 Nov 2019


You can do all file handling in your application and just open SPI bus to flash and use SPI flash commands to erase, write and read bytes. Look flash manual / datasheet for flash commands and for SPI control

You can also use Mbed OS file handling /storaging: I would strongly recommended you to study this.

Regards, Pekka

18 Nov 2019

Thanks for suggestions.

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