20 Mar 2013


18 Apr 2012

I have now managed to get the Agentbed Library working but there does not appear to be any Trap functions. I don't suppose anybody has added to the library to add trap features?

20 Aug 2012


I gave up on Agentbed early on and have successfully used all the code in lwip\core\snmp to create an SNMP agent which responds to polls and also generates traps. All the key functions are there and you can add your own enterprise-specific MIB.

The main stumbling block I found was insufficient memory allocations in opt.h to support several GET requests in one datagram. Rgds Lorcan

28 Aug 2012

Hi Lorcan

Cheekily hoping to save myself from re-inventing the wheel - I was wondering if your new SNMP agent was available somewhere ?

thanks in advance

06 Sep 2012

Hi Leo

I've finally managed to publish the SNMP agent in:

the latest one is the one to use as this cuts out a lot of customer-specific crap. It #defines SNMP_ENTERPRISE_ID 26381 - as supplied by the original lwip implementors

I left in the code for servicing an SPI slave to another processor as it was too much effort to clean that out, but has no effect other than providing some output data.

I never had time to get this working alongside an HTTP server (altho that was my original code base), so if you happen to get both working together, I'd be very interested. Hope this helps Lorcan

15 Feb 2016


Do you still have the latest files for th SNMP agent? I'd like to continue with your work if possible.

Thank You