23 Oct 2018

Buonasera a tutti, vorrei un consiglio per identificare una scheda di sviluppo ed esempi sw per fare quanto segue:

1)Creare dei file di testo .txt su una sd card. 2)Trasmettere il file di test .txt dalla sd card ad un server FTP.

Grazie per l'aiuto. Umberto

Good evening to everyone, I would like an advice to identify a development board and sw examples to do the following:

1) Create text files .txt on an sd card. 2) Send the test file .txt from the sd card to an FTP server.

Thanks for your help. Umberto

07 Nov 2018

Hi Umberto,

Please see for SD Card based File system for FTP client program as a starting point.

Please let us know if you have any further questions

Thanks, Naveen

21 Nov 2018

Thanks, very thanks.

For the test example, what board i can use?

Thanks Umberto

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