HTTPServer program causes a lock-up with consecutive reloading

12 May 2011


There is a great program developed by Donatien Garnier named HTTPServer. I might use this program as a base structure in my project if I can resolve an issue I've encountered. It is basically like that;

I open up an IE and browse my htm file in the local memory of my mbed. It is working fine. But, when I reload the page more than 2-3 times by pressing the F5 consecutively, led1 goes off, mbed hangs. (Note that, I wait each reload session to be completed and then hit the F5 again)

Is this a natural reaction of a limited concurrent connection? or a failure of a connection closing?

For the time being, I've just setup a watch dog to bypass this issue, although it is not a real solution.

Does someone know how to work out this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


13 May 2011

Hi again,

Could someone please shed light on the HTTPServer problem I encounter?