RJ45 pin RDA 125BAG1A

25 Nov 2010


Does anyone use this RJ45 magjack?

I'm trying to connect the mbed to internet but i have some trouble. I don't find any schematic for the pin to connect the RJ45 to the mbed correctly.

I use the HTTPClientExample to test the connection.

25 Nov 2010
Hello Sadiman
 I tried to send you a shematic of SI-60002-F magjack connector, using the reply capacity of outlook to you, attaching this document in pdf format, but due to some problem it was not possible.
Please, let me know your e-mail address and I will send you again this document.
My e-mail address is epstgr@terra.es
Emilio <script type="text/javascript"></script>
25 Nov 2010


I just sent you an email. Could you please send me that PDF as well?

25 Nov 2010 . Edited: 25 Nov 2010

No it is ok I've found the right pins.

I'll put the right schematic on this page  http://mbed.org/users/rolf/notebook/ethernet/


I've just seen your reply thanks a lot

25 Nov 2010

Here is the pin configuration for this magjack RDA 125BAG1A I didn't use the SI-60002-F magjack connector

RDA 125BAG1A Pin configuration (manufacturer UDE)


Bottom view

RD+ 	= 1     +----------+
RD- 	= 2     | 8 6 4 2  |
                |  7 5 3 1 |
TD+ 	= 7     |+        +|
TD-     = 8     |          |
                | Front    |
                | vvvvvvvv |