Multiple PWM Outputs

22 Nov 2010


I am new to Mbed and I have a limited amount of programming experience. I am wanting to create multiple PWM outputs. At present I am using a look up table and a ticker function to generate a PWM signal but I am not quite sure how to extend this to generate multiple PWM outputs.

Does anybody have any ideas?



22 Nov 2010

Did you check out the PWM library here:

It makes it quite easy to support up to 6 PWM outputs. Did you need more channels than 6?


23 Nov 2010

Thanks Tim,

I have resolved my issue and I now have 4 Pwm outputs running, which is sufficient for my application. It was much easier than I originally thought.

Do you know of an alternative way to create a phase shift between the different channels instead of using separate LUT's or is this the quickest and easiest way?

My concern is that it may take longer to read from memory and the update rate may be reduced?


05 Jan 2016

do you have answer now pleas any help