Hello mbed challenge!

26 Sep 2010

Going to be taking up the mbed challenge? Why not share your plans or ideas here! (unless of course, they are top secret :)

If you are new to mbed, it'd also be a great excuse to fill in your profile and introduce yourself.

We're looking forward to helping you make awesome things!


09 Oct 2010 . Edited: 09 Oct 2010

I'm putting together a Garmin IMG map handling library for rendering open street map data onto LCDs (hopefully also with routing support if I have time). That way people can make even smarter location aware devices, anything from little handheld navigation devices to robots that have some a priori knowledge of the local terrain. I'm keeping a vague log of my work here: http://mbed.org/users/elleo/notebook/mbedchallenge-garmin-img-renderer/ but I've only just started hacking on it, so there's nothing terribly exciting there yet.