Web based heating control

13 Oct 2013

I am very new to mbed and like most newbies i have a big idea for what i want to use my mbed board for. My plan is to automate a the heating of a large building. I would like to know if it would be possible to read multiple temperature sensors, log temperature on a web page, switch relays and create a timed queue of things to do, all over the web. I would like to be able to control the buildings heating from my home computer, rather than having to go up there and set it each day. Any help much appreciated. I am not completely new to the idea of C as i had a brief go at Arduino.

31 Mar 2014

It's very possible but it will require you to be familiar with C at least at a basic level.. I would start with a board like http://microhydroelectric.ca/store/micro-hydro-control-automation/electronic-load-controller

It uses the same MBED api and has 8 Analog Inputs on one side and 8 High Current switches on the other side.. You'll need a jtag adapter to program it, I use the STLink V2

Since the connections to the PHY, etc.. is the same as the MBED existing code using Ethernet will work without any modifications

/media/uploads/jonecm/_dsc1167.jpg http://microhydroelectric.ca/store/image/data/_DSC2651-2.jpg http://microhydroelectric.ca/store/image/data/hyd.png /media/uploads/jonecm/_dsc1173.jpg

28 Feb 2014

I don't have that sort of money I'm afraid. I have no clue how to even set up a webserver, yes I've read the cookbook, but it doesn't tell me how to put it all together. I've already got a lpc 1769 and Ethernet module but that's all.

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