What mbed did I register with?

05 Jun 2012

I suspect that I can somehow use the information in the MBED.HTM file to figure this out.

The thing is that I have several mbed boards, and I want to set up a new account for a friend.

Does anyone know how I can match which mbed was used to register my account?


07 Jun 2012

Hi Hugo,

I have ammended the page http://mbed.org/handbook/Licences to cover this. If you need to find out which have been used to create which account, contact me on support@mbed.org If you can supply a copy of the MBED.HTM file from each of your microcorntollers, that will be helpful!

Thanks, Chris

07 Jun 2012

If you try to use an already-used Mbed to create a new login, the creation of a new account should fail, right?

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