Trouble Connecting AX500 Motor Driver with MBED.

07 Feb 2012

I'm trying to connect ax500 motor driver with the mbed NXP LPC1768 . Being a complete novice, I don't know how to connect which 15 pin serial port into which pins of the mbed. The only clue I got is from the cookbook motor guide It has something to do with PWMOut pin. Datasheet is below incase you wanna see it.

Here's a picture of what the pins of the 15 pin serial port does. /media/uploads/StaffsUni12/ax500_15-pin_connector.png

AX500 Motor Driver datasheet.

07 Feb 2012

You are looking in wrong direction i think. Look at Thats an example with one servo, your motordriver is equal 2 servo's. Take P22 for the 2nd servo signal. P21 to pin 3(RC Ch1), P22 to pin 4 (RC Ch 2), grounds connected for right potential. ( ax500 is running in RC mode )

RS232 mode is also possible, look at, section 11 for more info. I think PWM is much easier to start