3D STEP model

20 Jul 2011

Does anyone know whether there's a 3D STEP model of the mbed?

I'd like to include the 3D model with the PCB board I'm designing.

20 Jul 2011

+1 for this!

20 Jul 2011

i like that too ( I've already made a simple drawing of the board, can send you a stl file) but the original PCB development is better of course.


02 Mar 2012
  1. hugo stoutjesdijk Would you please send the file to lauszus at gmail dot com? :)

- Lauszus

30 Mar 2012

Here is a Step file (AP214) for the MBED that we have done. This was designed by one of our students, Hasan Rahdi at Bahrain Polytechnic




02 Jul 2014


Thanks for this! I'd like to point out that II tried to add this to my 2d footprint in Altium and the pins doesn't coincide with the regular distances. I don't know if this could be any issue on the import itself, but I don't think so.... The model seems to be slightly bigger.

Is there any relatively simple way for me to resize the model?

Nevermind this.

Thanks in advance.

B.R., Sergio