DMU02 minimum repetition rate

23 Oct 2014


while (_repClock.read_ms() < 100);  //check to ensure device isn't read more than once every 100 ms

As far as I understand, I can lower the minimum time between reads. But even "with while (_repClock.read_ms() < 1)" it's still about 0.09 second between the next portion of acceleration data.

According to the datasheet, it should be about 1ms.


Note 2: A quiet time (tq) between messages is required, and 3x( t1 + Tm + Th)+ tq = Ttot. Optimum performance is achieved with a repetition rate of 1ms. Select an appropriate Tclk to meet the requirements of Tm, and then adjust tq to give a Ttot of 1ms.

Is something wrong in my program or I just misunderstood something about this device timing system?

Can I make the time between getting next acceleration value about 0.01 second ?

21 Nov 2014

It's not a problem with the device. Obviously, I should just change baud rate.



Not a real problem, just my carelessness.