Suggestion: UTF-8 code input in compiler page

Do you have any plan to make the compiler page works with multi-byte characters?

Now I've got inquiry from a mbed user, he said he loves the mbed IDE but it cannot accept UTF-8 code inputs through the web interface. It will be very nice if the users can write comments in native language on the IDE.

I confirmed that compiler itself can handle the UTF-8 code as comments (A file which has UTF-8 was imported from local-PC works fine). So it seems that can be done by modifying web interface...

10 Aug 2010


Thanks for the suggestion/bug report! There is UTF-8 support in the compiler, but as you say, it may not be supported 100% for variable width/multi-byte characters, which of course would affect Japanese text.

I've raised the issue with the compiler team and we will investigate the possibility of improving the multi byte support in one of the upcoming compiler releases.