problem at "insert/edit image" on my account

Problem on the file browser (in page editor). Now I am editing a notebook page ( but it cannot add images anymore.

For the inserting image files on the notebook, I am using "insert/edit image" icon to upload/insert. But now, it doesn't work.

To upload the file, two dialog box are used to complete the process.

  1. Click "insert/edit image" icon on efditor interface, it pops up a "insert/edit image"" dialog box.
  2. To choose the image from uploaded files, in the "insert/edit image"" dialog box, the browse button in right if the "Image URL" text box should be clicked. In normal case, I get another dialig box called "file browser" but I cannot see it anymore.

I believe this problem happened since just after I tried to upload a png file with Japanese file name. So I believe my "nxpfan" account has been crrupted somehow. Because my another account is working fine.(The pictures below are uploaded on another account.)


(1) Can you solve this problem? It may be very helpful when the multibyte character using people uploaded a file with inappropriate name.

(2) Can you remove a file which has strange characters on its file name? It may be on "" directory. For the time being, I'm fine with this solution :)

Thanks in advanse.



Picture 1. The insert/edit image" dialog opened. Going to click the browse icon/link.


Picture 2. The error occured instead of getting the file brouser dialog box.

18 May 2010


There does appear to be a bug regarding handling of multibyte characters in the image uploader. I have renamed the file in question to '2010.png' which should solve the problem for now. I'll try and fix the bug for the next release.

Thanks for the bug report!


Thank you very much for your quick and strong support!


I heard another user is facing same problem now (the file with multibyte file name has been uploaded).

Could you check the directory of user: "kokotaro" and rename the file please?


03 Jun 2010


The file has now been renamed. Sorry about that.

This issue should be fixed in the upcoming new site release.



Oops! It seems my reply was too fast :) I posted a comment after Dan but it sorted to upper position (This may be very minor problem).

Anyway, I'd like to say thanks, again!