find button

19 Mar 2010

I might not be using this correctly but I can't make the find box/button do much of anything useful. If you type in or paste something, it will find its first occurance (with a partial match) but will never skip to the next choice. If you request a whole word match, it still does just a partial match.

19 Mar 2010

Press F3 to continue searching.

21 Mar 2010

I had tried that (old DOS trick) but it didn't help. Suddenly it all started working. I was converting a program with 5400 lines of code with hundreds of warnings. When I got down to the last 4 or 5 warnings, everything started working great. Then each time I hit return it would walk through the code. Thanks for the reply .

18 Dec 2010

OK, F3 for "Find Next" is not working for me. What I have to do is a real pain.  Is there a better way??? I would definetly appreciate this. I have to do a lot of searching in long programs - particularly when the beasties are 5-10K lines

1. Press Ctrl-F to bring up Find Box

2. Enter Term -- which locates first instance of pattern beyond cursor

3. Click below the found instance

4. Modify search term in box, e.g. deleting last character then adding it back. -- Now the next instance is located.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as many times as needed to get to the instance I am looking for.

In a long file with dozens of matches would so love a key that repeats the search. THANKS!