EmBlock export

21 Oct 2014

By using the new EmBlock export function the mbed lib itself is missing. Additional libs are included, but the mbed lib is missing.

27 Oct 2014

Hi Peter,

Which project do you try to export? I guess that this lib is also missing by other GCC supported toolchains? Normally the exporter doesn't control which files are included in the zip file, it only provides a template which the foreign toolchain can use to load.

01 Nov 2014

Hi Peter,

be sure to import the library mbed-src into to project and right-click it to select "convert to library". I found this to be working, now the mbed lib is exported. If you import mbed insteas of mbed-src, it will download a precompiled library instead.

Best regards, CB

16 Nov 2014


i want to export a profect from MBED to Emblocks, when i convert the mbed lib, the export fonction does not create zip file ? for nucleo 401re or nucleo 411re. and in the export windows the Emblocks icon is not lighted but command go on.

how do you procced please.


05 Mar 2017