Anyone know the secret to uploading a profile picture?

10 Sep 2014

Anyone know the secret to uploading a profile picture?

I've tried over a dozen times using different size pictures.

It loads the picture just fine, but it will not save the picture. After saving the profile it dumps me out to an error page.

11 Sep 2014

Hi Shawn,

I have updated the site so you should be able to upload a profile picture now.



11 Sep 2014

It works. Thank you Stephen.

25 Feb 2015

Still no joy. I have tried several times today and can see the image in my profile, but not when I open the compiler. How do we fix this? Of course now I see the image when I post this message, but the profile section on the compiler page shows an icon that looks like a torn piece of paper in the square where the photo should appear.

18 Aug 2017

Well... A few years later... I'm still unable to upload a photo. Tried different formats without success..

18 Aug 2017

Yes I have the same problem, from a Mac, I've tried different image formats, and sizes, and browsers, but it doesn't work. I can upload a Team logo no problem though.

16 Sep 2017

Me neither :(

04 Oct 2017

I can only get images to upload now (in edit "insert images or files" mode) to the mbed site using Firefox and not with any other web browsers - and it is still very slow. Might try that.