Site/Forum bugs

24 Jul 2014

To mention them here (again for some). Currently running in beta mode, but at least for most it doesn't matter. IE11, but for those I tested also that didn't matter

I still can't edit answers to questions: Page error - Sorry, this page is currently unavailable.

Can't reply to some forum topics (depends on their location I think, for example this one: HTTP 403 Forbidden

24 Jul 2014

I'm also having an issue with posting

I asked a question

Erik Olieman replied

Now to Eric;s reply I can't

"post a comment" - when I try it jumps to the top of the page

or on the reply, say "Thanks"

- I'm using a chrome latest (Version 36.0.1985.125 m) browser running on win8

anyway thanks Eric.

25 Jul 2014

We will look at this, thanks for reporting.

25 Jul 2014

To add another one, the quote button is broken. Wanted to quote Neil's post, the result:

<<quote neilh20>>


@Neil, np :)

29 Jul 2014

And the being able to edit/close someone elses question bug is there again \0/. For this question for me: (Could be because it is in relation to a lib of mine? Not supposed to happen, but still).

30 Jul 2014

In that case yes, it's because the question is attached to one of your libraries.

I wouldn't say that's a bug, but it should perhaps be explained better why you are able to edit.

30 Jul 2014
01 Aug 2014

Dan Ros wrote:

Okay, a bit questionable imo, but I could get that. However why can I also accept this question: Because i editted the cookbook once?

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