Notebooks activity update is not working

18 Jun 2014

Notebooks activity update is not working now :-(

18 Jun 2014


can you be more specific, what is not functional? The dates?

Looks like it has not been updated since April. We will look at this.


18 Jun 2014

Hello Martin,

No notebooks activities are reflected onto since 29-Apr.
For instance, my update ( ) cannot be found on that page.
I appreciate if you can confirm the problem and fix it.

rgs / nxpfan

24 Oct 2014

Are there any plans to fix this?

I have always enjoyed seeing the notebook updates, but as nxpfan posted back in June, the notebook activity page doesn't show any updates since 20-April.



20 Mar 2017

It seems it is still stuck in 2014 at this time (2017)... - Mischa