"Save changes" buttons do not work in some pages

16 Feb 2014

It seems like recent changes to the mbed site introduced bugs to some pages. For example, I experienced that it is not possible to

  • add new components to the Component database page,
  • change the privacy settings of public (unlisted) repositories, and
  • delete public (unlisted) repositories.

For all of the above, "Save changes" buttons do nothing; do not even report errors. Actually I succeeded in adding a component to the Component database a few days ago.

I tried with several browsers including Safari (7.0.1), Chrome (32.0.1700.107) and Firefox (27.0.1) on Mac OS X (10.9.1), and Internet Exproler 11 on Windows 7. Beta mode is not enabled with my mbed account.

17 Feb 2014


Thank you for taking the time to report these issues, I will investigate them now.


17 Feb 2014

Hi Steve

Thank you very much for fixing. I could add a new component to the component database and delete a public (unlisted) repository. Unfortunately changing the privacy setting of a repository to "public (unlisted)" to "private" got error page.


18 Feb 2014

Hi Takuo,

I didn't get chance to sort out the issue with setting repositories to private, that's my next job though.

I wasn't able to recreate a problem with deleting repositories, is that working for you now, if not can you send me a private message or email support@mbed.org to let me know which repository the problem happens with.