Suggestion: Add "report spam" button to all forum posts/comments/questions...

14 Dec 2013

Hello again @mbed team:

This is probably already on your roadmap, but I thought I would point it out. Here is my suggestion: adding "report spam" button for logged-in users to report spammy forum posts/comments/questions, in an effort to maintain a high-quality (good for all).

Please don't take this idea to the extreme (eg. some forums ban links and any commercial mentions). My idea is mainly to stop posts which are just too obviously "spam", such as these:

That's all for now!

PS everybody loves a screenshot, this one ripped from gmail:


15 Dec 2013

Hello Robbie King,

I vote for this one, to start fighting spammers.


16 Dec 2013

Hi Robbie,

You'll be pleased to hear this feature has been on our roadmap for a little while since we started receiving more spam content on the forums and in notebook pages. I finished an initial version of the feature last week and once it has gone through a beta release it will be live. Because we have Christmas coming that's is likely to be after Christmas.

Here's a screenshot to show what it will probably look like when applied to comments and forum posts.


In the meantime feel free to report spam to I'll take a look at the example links you've posted above.


28 Jan 2016

Thanks Stephen for the Spam Button May I suggest an adittion ?

I think nobody has to be allowed to ask too many questions , in a short time ... Spammers usually spam with more than 4 questions per hour , I think a filter of questions , lets say more than a question per hour could prevent spam and be ok for the community

Thanks Christos

18 Sep 2016

It seems that spam has entered into user "featured" code , how did it happen ? I could not press report button anywhere , so I report it here....

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