Code display issues on mbed repository: html entities are double-escaped < > etc

14 Dec 2013

Hello mbed!

Surely I'm not the first to notice, but there is a simple but significant bug whenever code is displayed on the repository pages, where HTML entities are being double-escaped. Because I can't even figure out how to display it properly in this forum post, I have attached a screenshot. Hopefully somebody @mbed can fix this? It would definitely help out the newbies and oldies alike!

Here is the screenshot of this code display page from the mbed-src repository on December 14th 2013 (that's today) with the bugs highlighted in yellow:


Am I going crazy or can others confirm this is happening to them too?

14 Dec 2013

No your not crazy, I saw this yesterday.

14 Dec 2013

Oh no! This same bug also appears to be affecting forum posts!

include the mbed library with this snippet

#include "mbed.h"


And here is a perverted "selfie" of this forum post in a screenshot as of December 14th 2013 (today):


14 Dec 2013

To me it shows it correct Robbie, but I have seen the same in repositories.

17 Dec 2013

Hi Robbie,

This is fixed in the betamode version which we're hoping to release shortly.



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